As AquaSmart Project Coordinator I am delighted to bring you this first Blog post in what will be a regular series over the next two years about the AquaSmart project.

AquaSmart is the European Big Data project for the Aquaculture sector. Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, the project aims to increase production and efficiency within the aquaculture sector by enabling data mining and analytics at a local level through a shared cloud-based platform.

To help develop awareness and understanding about AquaSmart we will be posting an AquaSmart Blog twice each month. The main themes we envisage for the blog series (which will come from a range of expert contributors) will include: Big Data, Aquaculture, Cloud Computing, Data Mining and Analytics, and Food Security. Also throughout the Blogs we will provide routine project updates and news items about AquaSmart as we progress.

It is worth saying that AquaSmart is very much based in the real world, addressing actual problems that aquaculture producers face. The AquaSmart project is led by a skilled and experienced consortium and includes top research institutes, a major player in the aquaculture IT sector and three highly innovative aquaculture companies.

From a WIT (TSSG) perspective, we are delighted to be working with our partners on the AquaSmart project including:

  • Integrated Information Systems (I2S) Greece
  • UNINOVA University Portugal
  • GRAMMOS Greece
  • ARDAG Co-operative Agricultural Society Israel
  • Niordseas SL (Andromeda) Spain
  • Institut Jozef Stefan (JSI) Slovenia
  • Q-Validus Ltd. Ireland

By way of update I am pleased to report that the project is already taking shape very well. In February kick-off meetings were held with our Horizon 2020 colleagues in Luxembourg

, and then also in Lisbon with strong preparatory work achieved throughout a series of expert workshops involving some of the leading experts in the field. Important work has been achieved with the industry players to confirm and identify the data sets that will form part of the cloud-based analytics.

For end-users and stakeholders a rigorous training definition process is underway, led by colleagues at UNINOVA. I am pleased to report also that presentations about the AquaSmart project to the European standards body CEN, and separately to ISO, have been very well received. Coming up in July the AquaSmart project partners will meet with the Greek fish farming community. Also plans for a CEN Workshop meeting in November in Dublin are gathering momentum and progressing well.

Supporting all of this, the management and quality systems underpinning the AquaSmart project have been put in place. Also the AquaSmart project web site has now been setup, and the social media channels are in place. Already a very good following and keen interest is developing for AquaSmart.

In this way please do connect with AquaSmart via the following online channels:

Twitter Account: @AquaSmartData
LinkedIn Group: AquaSmartData
Facebook Page: AquaSmartData

I hope you will find something of value and interest in our AquaSmart blog series. So please share with colleagues who may be interested in the area, and of course we welcome your inputs and comments at all times.


Best regards,

Dr. Steven Davy
AquaSmart Project Coordinator
Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), TSSG