Following the recent successful data analytics presentations at the 5th Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries in China, the Aquaculture Summit in Malaysia and the recent aquaSmart training workshop in Dublin, the aquaSmart consortium is pleased inform interested parties that the second data analytics training workshop in Olhão, Portugal concluded this afternoon. The workshop was tremendous, a success and given the presentations and the demonstration of the platform, the participating fish farming community could see the real value of the platform.

AquaSmart ( was driven by the end user fish farming community. The aquaSmart platform was designed to solve real problems for them and to reduce their cost. Now today, they are receiving the benefits that help them to improve their operational performance and reduce cost.

According to Nir Tzohari, Production Manager at Ardag Ashdod fish farming site, ‘With aquaSmart we can really dig into the data and we can easily analyze the data and figures and their relationship against the performances in a very clear and easy manner. In doing so, aquaSmart helps us to put the spot light on the points of our operations where treatment and improvement are needed. Moreover, all of this gives us the opportunity to create a model and right thereafter to make predictions – well, this is almost what I had in mind when we ran into this great project. I really believe that it will move the industry forward by making all size of farms, from big enterprises to small scale, being able to make good analysis through all the grow-out steps’.

Tom Flynn.