Online Training Courses

The Aquasmart Training Courses have been established with the aim of developing new skills, knowledge and competences to facilitate the application of the Aquasmart analytics platform in the fish farming industry, to enhance production and efficiency in the aquaculture sector.

These are broad spectrum and in-depth courses, designed for Business Owners, Information Technology Managers, Farm Managers, Production Managers, Data Analysts and for any person that is concerned with matters that affect today’s aquaculture business. They provide all the required support for an efficient deployment of “an analytics tool for fish farms”. If you wish to follow a smaller programme, tailored to your specific needs, you can use the Costumised Programme Generator.

To access each of the courses just click in the courses description area bellow.

Course 1 - Concepts of Aquaculture ProductionCourse 2 - Essentials of Data AnalyticsCourse 3 - The AquaSmart Data SolutionCourse 4 - User Operational Features
Course 5 - Decision Making SupportCourse 6 - AquaSmart Data System IntegrationCourse 7 - Industry Standards and GuidelinesCourse 8 - Business Dimension of AquaSmart in Aquaculture