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ID Name
D1.1 Management, Innovation & Contractual Reports 1
D1.2 Project Plan
D1.3 Data Management Plan 1
D1.4 Management, Innovation & Contractual Reports 2
D1.5 Data Management Plan 2
D1.6 Data Management Plan 3
D1.7 Data Management Plan 4
D2.1 Development and Technology transfer Methodology
D2.2 System Architecture
D2.3 Data Analytics in Aquaculture
D2.4 Key Metrics Measurements Tools for Aquaculture
D2.5 Technology Engineering Release 1
D2.6 Technology Engineering Release 2
D3.1 Training Policy, training programmes and training material
D3.2 Impact of Training sessions reports
D3.3 On-line training portal
D3.4 Impact of training session reports 2
D3.5 Training policy, training programmes and training material 2
D4.1 Trial End User readiness report
D4.2 Trial verification report iterative 1
D4.3 Trial verification report iterative 2
D5.1 Dissemination material, project website, social media
D5.2 Dissemination Plan
D5.3 Industrial and Business showcase
D5.4 Draft big data CEN Standard
D5.5 Dissemination material, project website, social media 2
D5.6 Dissemination material, project website, social media + activities 3
D5.7 Dissemination Plan 2
D5.8 Draft big data CEN Standards 2
D6.1 Market Deployment Strategy
D6.2 Exploitation pipe line report
D6.3 Stakeholder maintenance management report
D6.4 Market Deployment Strategy 2