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Question 1: What was the main motivation that urged you towards the production of Sea Bream in particular?  What in your opinion is the opportunity? “Sea bream is a Mediterranean fish which can be cultivated in our local seas. We developed the ‘know-how’ for its production at a general level,  and that in combination with [...]

April 20th, 2016|Blog|

Aquaculture Goes Digital

Published in Agr-Business Supplement  in Finance Slovenia Magazine 05.04.2016 By NATAŠA KORAŽIJA , PETRA ŠUBIC  An IT analytics platform provided by the European Horizon 2020 project AquaSmart will enable more efficient and profitable farming of fish, molluscs and shellfish. Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) is a partner in the consortium which also includes 5 other countries.   "Companies [...]

April 13th, 2016|News, Press Release|

Horizon 2020 ‘AquaSmart’ Project Represented at “The 6th Offshore Mariculture Conference” Barcelona, Spain

Dr. João Sarraipa from "Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias - UNINOVA", Portugal is representing the AquaSmart project in "The 6th Offshore Mariculture Conference" , an international three-day conference focused on the offshore fish farming business, which is held in Barcelona, Spain on 6-8 April 2016. The conference will be beneficial to fish farmers looking [...]

April 7th, 2016|News|

Visualisation Techniques in Data Mining & Applications

A guest lecture on Visualisation Techniques in Data Mining for real-world applications is given by Gerasimos Antzoulatos, i2s Data Analyst, at the Department of Information and Communication Systems, at University Mittuniversitetet – Mid Sweden University. The main idea of the lecture was related to how the data analysts and also end-users in the aquaculture sector [...]

April 1st, 2016|Blog|

Nir Tzohari Presents aquaSmart at the Israeli Fish-Growers conference

A presentation of the Horizon 2020 aquaSmart project was given by Nir Tzohari from Ardag at the Israeli Fish-Growers yearly conference on the 3rd March 2016 at the Nir-Etzion conference venue. The impact was phenomenal with a large proportion of the audience showing real interest. The audience, comprising primarily of the local fish farming community, [...]

March 7th, 2016|News|

Dudley Dolan at the International Workshop on Big Data Standards 2016

Dudley Dolan (Q-Validus) will make a presentation at the International Workshop on Big Data Standards 2016 on March 7th. This workshop is organized in conjunction with the ISO/IEC JTC 1 WG 9 Big Data Standards meeting to be held in Dublin, Ireland, March 8th-11th. Dudley will present on the area leading to a CEN workshop [...]

March 4th, 2016|News|

aquaSmart at the recent ESRDublin2015.eu event

The aquaSmart project had a significant presence on the Theme session of Big Data at the recent ESRDublin2015.eu event, with speakers from the project including Steven Davy, Kostas Seferis with Dubley Dolan as well as the chairperson of the event being Tom Flynn. The consortium brought a lot of knowledge capacity on big data analytics [...]

March 2nd, 2016|Blog|

Aquaculture getting SMART-er.

Aquaculture is receiving considerable interest as a result of the increased consumer demand for fish and shellfish, coupled with the decline in catches seen around the world’s fisheries. For these reasons the aquaculture sector is steadily expanding to exploit the resulting market potential. Nowadays, aquaculture is one of the biggest food producing sectors providing over [...]

March 2nd, 2016|News|

¿Tratando de aumentar la competitividad de su negocio de acuicultura? Big Data y Data Open pueden ayudarle. Preste atención a AquaSmart.

Desde Enero de 2015 Andromeda Group está inmersa en un proyecto Europeo, dentro del marco Horizonte 2020, con el reto de adaptar las nuevas tecnologías emergentes a nuestro sector, con el objetivo de crear un simbiosis entre ambos. A pesar del hecho de que a escala mundial la acuicultura es el sector de producción de [...]

March 2nd, 2016|News|

AquaSmart lanza primera herramienta Big Data para la toma de decisiones en la gestión de granjas

El proyecto europeo del Horizonte2020 “Aquaculture Open Data Cloud Innovation” AquaSmart ha presentado recientemente una herramienta de exploración de datos de libre acceso en su web, que busca facilitar a las empresas el acceso a información de producción útil y que ésta sirva para la toma de decisiones en base a la experiencia. AquaSmart está [...]

March 2nd, 2016|News|