Workshop on “Digitizing European Business and Society: Paving the Way towards Smart Destinations and Sustainable Tourism”

Dr. João Sarraipa from UNINOVA partner represented the AQUASMART project on 11th October 2016 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain in the Road2CPS workshop. This invitation to participate in the Road2 CPS workshop emerged from an overview of his recent ICIST 2016 paper presented in the 6th International Conference on Information Society and Technology held on Kopaonik, Serbia on Feb 28-Mar 2, 2016. The paper “Concepts for Agriculture and Tourism Cyber-Physical Ecosystems”, which suggests to consider CPS as new autonomous decision making support and studies how such a sector as agriculture may benefit from transposable findings of more established domains. The premises of this evolution can be seen in such a project as AQUASMART (founded by the EC under the H2020 programme) where UNINOVA is partner, which helps Aquaculture companies to transform raw data into knowledge via accurate business-driven analytical models in a seamless and efficient process. Then, use this knowledge to dramatically improve performance.

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