The Horizon 2020 AquaSmart project has involved working with an extensive number of fish farmers in the aquaculture industry to understand and develop a data analytics platform that can be used to deliver real results to the sector.

In doing so the AQUASMART project is now in a position to help Aquaculture companies transform their raw data into knowledge via accurate business-driven analytical models, in a seamless and efficient process.

Through this, fish farmers are able to use this knowledge to dramatically improve their production performance. In order to assist with this undertaking, the project team have also created the ‘AquaSmart Analysis Training Programme’, which offers services, activities and materials, in order to deliver the skills and competences to run the software, and based on the new knowledge acquired from data analytics performed, to facilitate new business incomes.

As such, we are eagerly anticipating the running of our first AquaSmart Analysis Training Programme workshop, which is scheduled for December 16th, 2016, in Dublin, Ireland. This training workshop has been set up to offer industry participants with a key opportunity to meet and engage with the AquaSmart team, and will be used for the industry to get hands on participation of the AquaSmart platform, as well as education in the key concepts and practical hints for its adoption.

Close industry liaison has been a key characteristic of the AquaSmart project, to ensure that the AquaSmart platform is continually focussed on the day-to-day production needs of the aquaculture sector. User feedback and valued industry validation has guided the development of the platform and in turn is now re-invested into subsequent software releases as we move from a research project into the commercial domain.

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Gary McManus

AquaSmart Project Manager