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 An IT analytics platform provided by the European Horizon 2020 project AquaSmart will enable more efficient and profitable farming of fish, molluscs and shellfish. Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) is a partner in the consortium which also includes 5 other countries.


“Companies involved in the project see great potential for savings,” says Dunja Mladenić from JSI.«

Dunja Mladenić from Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Anja Polajnar from Centre for Knowledge Transfer in IT, both belonging to the Jozef Stefan Institute, are involved in the European AquaSmart Project which is  developing smart and open source analytics to support aquaculture, the cultivation of fish, shellfish and molluscs. “Companies involved in the project see great potential for savings,” says Dunja Mladenić. JSI is the only institution from Slovenia, which is involved in the project, other partners are from Greece, Portugal, Israel, Spain and Ireland.

The analytics platform, which has been created in the European AquaSmart project, will enable better decision-making and more optimal production in fish farms, as well as providing important information for research institutions and range sectoral agencies.

Solving  Problems in Aqua-farms

The project is practically oriented and deals with the real problems in aquafarms. New insights are provided for the farms driven by the analytics to help with optimizing feeding, health and bio-security. For the fishfarm it is very important to take right decisions at the right time in order to maximise profit. Also it is equally of great importance to minimize the impact on the environment for the sustainability of production in the long term.

Platform to Facilitate Decision-making

As part of the scope of the project a database has been created, which will be used both in aquaculture research institutions and also in a range of relevant sectoral agencies. Within JSI, a special project group will work on data modeling and multilingual texts for  educational material for education of users.

The AquaSmart project is funded from the European Horizon 2020 program. The total project value is €3.1 million.