What aquaSmart can do for me?

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aquaSmart is an innovative, cloud based tool to help you to:

  • Lower production costs.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Carry out business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Yes, but how?

aquaSmart uses state of the art technologies and global data access to reveal how the environment, fish feeding, production management and practices affects your production.

You will be able to understand and quantify the interaction between all the factors affecting the success of your production. You will be able to know how environmental parameters (like temperature and oxygen), feed types, feed composition, feeding rates and practices, net changes, production management strategies influence the main KPIs of your production like FCR, mortality rate, growth rate, production time, health, etc.

In this way you will be able to

  • Know if the feeding and the management of the fish is done in the right way.
  • Continuously evaluate the performance of your production and compare this performance to the one of similar companies (benchmarking), with full respect to the privacy of your data.
  • Evaluate feed, feed suppliers, hatcheries, feeding policies, people, management practices, nets, etc.
  • Identify patterns and trends in your production, find the reasons for bad performance and then focus to the most important ones in order to improve.
  • Optimize feeding and growth models which will have a great impact on feeding efficiency, cost and environmental impact.
  • Estimate the fish population (understand that there is a deviation between the calculated fish number/average weight and the real ones).
  • Adjust feeding, based on the real fish population and the behavior of the fish.
  • Identify warning signs that may indicate problems such as disease in the fish population.
  • Improve production efficiency by understanding the relationships between the parameters and their effect on the production result.

Why do I need it?

Because in aquaculture operations

  • Production is extremely sensitive to feed, feed conversion, nutrient retention, health and bio-security.
  • Feed and health represent 70 % of OPEX.
  • Making the right decisions about production cost, quality and scheduling at the right time can mean the difference between profit and loss.
  • To control your production process for maximum profitability, you must be able to correctly respond to a wide range of production challenges, in real time.
  • You need to know what is happening, why it’s happening, as it happens.
  • aquaSmart helps you to exploit all the available data to dramatically improve production.
  • Aquaculture operates and produces by using resources, in a continuous interaction with a constantly changing environment, with limited long term predictability. Being able to minimize the environmental impact is a key issue for production sustainability.

What if I don’t make this kind of analysis?

Because of the complex relationships between the parameters and all other factors that influence production, gaining insight into their effects, and more importantly making them actionable, is extremely difficult. This makes it:

  • Very difficult to control cost drivers and reduce costs.
  • Difficult to identify in a timely manner production problems or trends.
  • Difficult to evaluate feed and fry suppliers, feeding practices and fish management strategies.

What is the main innovation of aquaSmart cloud platform?

AQUASMART enables aquaculture companies to perform data mining at the local level and get actionable results. However, the project goes much further: through the availability of multi-lingual Open Data, companies will be able to compare their results with the ones that are stored into the cloud. By collecting and managing the data mining results from many companies and a large number of rearing cycles in variable conditions, with full respect to confidential data, it will generate a knowledge base that will be of maximum usefulness for all the stakeholders of the aquaculture sector (companies, researchers, environmental agencies and governments).