aquaSmart will be available to the market soon in a new website. Watch this space for further announcements.

The aquaSmart project is about enhancing innovation capacity within the aquaculture sector, by helping companies to transform captured data into knowledge and use this knowledge to dramatically improve performance. It also supports production benchmarking through access to global data.

The project is based in the real world, addressing actual problems that aquaculture producers face and is run by a skilled and experienced consortium including top research institutes, a major player in the aquaculture IT sector and three highly innovative aquaculture companies.

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The Aquasmart mission is driven by the business need of the European aquaculture companies


Provides the necessary tools to turn the large volumes of heterogeneous aquaculture data into knowledge


Enables companies to access and analyse global open data


Extracts the knowledge from current data and experiences of the sector


Quickly evaluate and identify the best management practices and rapid solutions for problems or issues that arise

Enabling innovation for the aquaculture business

Aquasmart adds the dimension of global open data to the aquaculture industry